Saturday, November 14, 2015

Bellflower, 2nd DUI with High BAC, No Jail Time

Our client was charged with a Second Offense DUI, with a high BAC in Bellflower. We were able to get him 20 days of electronic monitoring in lieu of any jail time. He is permitted to go to work, so his job will not be affected. 

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Van Nuys. Felony DUI With Hit and Run and Refusal, Reduced to Misdemeanor and Hit and Run Dismissed

Felony Refusal DUI with Injury and Four counts of Hit and Run, in different locations. Our client was driving after taking pain medication for a recent surgery, and unintentionally blacked out. 

The Felony DUI charge was reduced to a Misdemeanor first offense DUI, without Injury. 

All of the victims were compensated by insurance, so the prosecutor agreed to dismiss all of the hit and run charges. 

Our client did not have to do any jail. He was ordered to complete the mandatory requirements for a first offense DUI, and 10 days of community service.

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Van Nuys, DUI with Refusal

Our client was charged with Felony DUI with Injury (vehicle code 23153 (a) and (b).) Our client had a serious traffic collision, with a high BAC. We quickly conducted an investigation to find out the extent of the injuries to the victim. We determined that even though the victim was transported to a hospital, luckily she was OK. 

Ben Mironer was able to convince the prosecutor to reduce the DUI with Injury to a regular first offense DUI, Without Injury (vehicle code 23152 (a) and (b).) Our client had to do the nine month alcohol program, due to the high BAC level, but was NOT required to serve any jail time. Our client received the mandatory first offense DUI terms and 20 days of community labor, but NO JAIL.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Burbank, DUI with Marijuana. Dry Reckless & No License Suspension

Our client was charged with driving under the influence of Marijuana. The arresting officer found containers of Marijuana in the car, which our client had a legal medical referral for. A DUI investigation was conducted and our client was arrested for suspension of DUI. 

Ben Mironer utilized the expertise of an independent forensic toxicologist to persuade the prosecutor that our client was not DUI. We announced "ready" for trial, and the prosecutor offered to dismiss the DUI in a plea bargain. 

We were able to get our client a deal for a Dry Reckless driving, which didn't require any driver's license suspension, or any program. We also secured a set - aside from the DMV, so there was no driver's license suspension. 

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Van Nuys, DUI with Refusal, Set Aside

Our client was arrested for driving under the influence on the 170 Hollywood freeway. The officers asked her to complete a breath test, which she was unable to blow hard enough into the breathalyzer device to register a result. 

Then, the officers didn't give her an opportunity to complete a blood test, when she asked them if she can call an attorney. Instead, they simply marked it as a refusal. Our client testified at the DMV hearing, and the officer was subpoenaed as well. Ben Mironer was there to argue the case in person, at the Van Nuys drivers safety office. The hearing officer decided to Set-Aside the suspension. 

Even though our client was facing a one year drivers license suspension for a refusal, her license was NOT SUSPENDED because we were able to prove that she did not actually refuse a blood test. 

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Monday, October 12, 2015

West Covina, DUI with a .09% BAC, Reduced to Wet Reckless

We had a friend refer a client in West Covina charged with a DUI with blood alcohol content of .09%. He was an upstanding citizen, never charged with a crime before. We calmed his worries and ensured that we did the best we can to get the best results available. Ben Mironer was able to get the 23152 charge reduced to a wet reckless. He was very grateful and now can move on with his life.

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Burbank, Felony DUI with Injury Facing 3 Years Jail Time, No Jail Time

Our client was charged with a felony DUI with injury and a .12% BAC in Burbank. This was a steep charge because he was facing a felony with 3 years in state prison. Ben Mironer was able to get his felony DUI reduced to a misdemeanor. The result was the client faced NO JAIL TIME. This was an absolute relief for our client.

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